Monday, November 7, 2016

"Once Upon A Time" Art Journal

Another mixed media art journal I completed this fall as a gift.  The backgrounds are all hand painted using acrylics and stamping.  I had fun incorporating old family photos and working some of them into color pages.  Every time I create an art journal new ideas emerge, I'm exploring more outside the box and growing.  I need to incorporate this freedom into my oil paintings.  Why do I feel so restricted when painting in oils?  It's time to start experimenting and maybe start using acrylics and oils together.  Hmmmm, another road to explore.

(c) Deborah A. Kirkeeide


  1. This is wonderful! A treasured gift, I'm sure! It's fun to explore with art materials. I should do more of it.

  2. Thanks Connie, someday you will paint and explore again. We are all proud of your accomplishments with school and career, on top of that you are an amazing painter.