Frame Tips

I don't sell my paintings framed but here are some tips for framing these small paintings.  

Floater frames work wonderful on little paintings as the frame does not cover the edge of the painting but instead sits on a ledge inside the frame.  That way you don’t lose any image area of your painting.

I have used an online company called Franken Frames so I can only tell you about their service which was excellent and I thought very reasonable for custom frames.  You can call them with any questions and to place your order.  They will explain what size floater frame you need for your painting if you give them it’s dimensions and let them know it’s a panel.  Also I use sticky backed velcro to hold the art work on the frame instead of glue or nails etc., that way it’s removable and holds well on these small paintings.

Here are some online frame sources:

www.kingofframe.com - King of Frame 
www.frankenframes.com - Franken Frames
www.metroframe.com - Metro Frame

These small paintings look nice on small easels also as an option.

Grouping Small Paintings

Small paintings are great for grouping together on your walls.  You can hang a painting series together or create your own painting groups such as flowers, vintage cars, pets and animals etc., or simply by color and color combinations.  You can hang small groupings or large groupings depending on your wall space, they can be all in a row or stacked as the grouping pictured.  There are no limits, they work on large wall spaces or small wall spaces and they come with reasonable prices.  

The three alike frames above are examples of floater frames from Franken Frames and come in other colors.

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