Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Best Of Show!

I was honored recently by receiving a Best Of Show award for my painting "Autumn Walk", oil on canvas.  I joined an Artist's group last fall, Artist del Norte and they were advertising their spring show for 2016 with the theme Into The Woods.  They were telling everyone to get out there and take photos since the color was so beautiful at the time.  So I grabbed my camera and ended up at a nature center snapping endless photos.  It was a bit overcast that day which worked better for color and out of those endless photos I managed to get a couple that inspired me, this was one.  I don't consider myself a landscape painter and I hadn't painted a piece over 9x12 inches in years (this painting is 18x24 inches) so this was super challenging for me.  After I completed the painting which took 3 days, I went through a period of ups and downs thinking yes this is good to what were you thinking.  Anyway this award was very encouraging, the judge had many good things to say about the piece and I am feeling so honored.  Challenges are good but not always successful in terms of a finished piece, I was fortunate this time.

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