Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fabric Of Life

Seems like forever since I've posted anything; I've been busy with a personal project all winter.  This is another experiment with mixed media using inks, stamps, stencils and acrylics that I painted last fall. The cross is interwoven and embedded in a quilt like fabric image which represents the busy, distracting, conflicting, yet beautiful life around us.  I see this as the workings of Christ embedded in life and cannot be separated.  The many names of Jesus are added here and there throughout this piece.  This is a God inspired image as the idea came to me clearly one day and as I worked it just fell into place; that rarely happens as I usually have to dig long and deep when not working with realism.  I'm so pleased with this image that I would love to see this piece reworked on a large scale.  The original piece is 11x14 inches on stretched canvas.  


  1. Deborah, Star (Homes) Lyn here from Central High. This is absolutely beautiful. As my husband and I are both Christian Pastors, and myself being an artist as well, we fell in love with your work, especially this beautiful piece. I love the way you have added a narrative to each piece giving it more character and purpose. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful works. Keep it up. You make all of us Bobcats proud!

  2. What a wonderful encouraging comment, thank you! I'm so glad you like the painting and I would love to see some of your art work. How blessed you are to give your life to Christian ministry by being a blessing to many others. You have made my day.