Saturday, August 1, 2015


If you follow my blog I posted that I was exploring mixed media and had put my oils aside for awhile.  Here is a sample of a mixed media piece I completed in a mixed media class this past spring.  In order to grow as an artist I need to explore other creative options especially when inspiration is needed.  Mixed media for me is so freeing, there are no limitations, it's open to everything and I particularly love being able to include words or quotes.  I've been experimenting with acrylics, paper, markers, photos, stamps, inks and stencils.  The list continues to grow, so many possibilities!  Someday I may have some for sale, I'm thinking prints, another new avenue to explore.

I will continue to paint in oils (there's nothing like the beauty of oil paint), I may include some oil in my mixed media pieces someday following the fat on lean rule so you have no problems with paint falling off the painting surface.  And I have a few new oils to share soon, I just need to photo them.  Oh, and I just entered an oil painting in the MN State Fair; I should know by next week if it's accepted.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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